Guy Yells ‘F**K THE ALLIGATORS!’ Then Immediately Gets Eaten By ALLIGATOR

Man Curse Before Getting Eaten by an Alligator
The man who was killed by an alligator in Texas had mocked the animal before jumping into gator-infested waters Friday, an official said. 
Despite  signs warning of alligators in a Texas lake, 28-year-old Tommie Woodward said “F**k the alligators,” and jumped in anyway. Those were Tommie’s last words.


According to local Justice Rodney Price,  Tommie Woodward first removed his shirt and took his wallet out of his pocket before jumping into the lake.


Apparently one should always remember to take precautions of their valuables before jumping into a alligator-infested lake for a swim.
Witnesses say a woman followed Woodward into the water but returned to land unscathed.

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