Gigabyte: World’s First WaterForce Kit

Gigabyte recently has posted a product page for the GV-N980X3WA-4GD. Gigabyte did not give a product name but the product is in question is the new a GTX 980 WaterForce kit. 


It is a three-wa SLI setup with three GTX 980 graphic cards, all water cooled through an external radiator. It is attached with a 120 mm radiator for each GTX 980 graphics card and it has adjustment controls so you can monitor the temperatures, fan speeds and pump speeds of each individual loop. All of the loops enter the case through a 5.25-inch optical bay, which can be obscured with a cover plate that’s included in the kit.


The graphics that are installed to the new WaterForce kit are all factory overclocked. It required a 1200 watt power supply. The price of this product is not out yet.

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