Get rid of Uber and GrabCar, say Cabbies

Taxi drivers in Klang Valley are angry and they say authorities should not allow online transport service providers such as Uber and GrabCar to operate because it is affecting their livelihood. 
“We are going to hold a protest in the heart of the city. All this time, we have been suffering in silence. It is time the public know how we feel,” said Persatuan Transformasi Pemandu Teksi Malaysia vice-president Kamarudin Mohd Hussain.
A taxi driver who was at the protest, Puvanesvaran Karuppiah, said an SMS was sent out recently, announcing flat rates of between RM8 and RM10 for unlimited travel.


“They are throwing sand into our rice bowl by taking customers away from us,” said Puvanesvaran.
“We have already handed them a memorandum on this. They should not only think of the customers but also the welfare of existing taxi drivers,” said Balakrishnan of Federal Territories and Selangor Indian Taxi Association.
Taxi drivers are unhappy with the authorities as they turned a blind eye GrabCar and Uber drivers, who do not have to apply for Public Service Vehicle Services licences or pay for yearly insurance. They also said that GrabCar and Uber Drivers are also not subjected to any inspections by Puspakom and they are not required to use the meter as travel fares are based on flat rates, which are cheaper.
One of the taxi driver said that their car needs to be inspected at Puspakom every six months. He also said that he is paying RM5,344 tax a year for his Exora taxi.
Taxi drivers also need to renew their drivers cards yearly for a fee of RM90 but GrabCar and Uber drivers do no need to go through an of these processes.

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