Fuel Spillage in Petrol Station Due to Vehicle Crash

Photo Credits: The New Strait Times

A man reportedly lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two petrol pumps in Bandar Sungai Long early Sunday morning.

Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Othman Nayan told The New Straits Times that the man then fled the scene.

“No injury was reported. The man immediately fled the scene during the 7.10am incident,” he said.

Kajang Fire and Rescue Department senior officer Misan Benu told The Daily that eight firemen were dispatched to the petrol station after hearing about this incident.

“Upon arrival, the driver of the car was nowhere to be seen and the petrol station attendant informed us that the man fled the scene soon after the incident.

“The impact of the accident caused a fuel spillage, which forced the petrol station to halt its operation for more than an hour for a cleanup operation,” he told the NST.

Misan added that they also found a mobile phone at the scene, believed to belong to the man.

The phone has reportedly been handed over to the police.