Foreigner: Stabbed Then Mugged in Kuala Lumpur (KL)


The Story:

On Saturday (5th Oct 2013) we were mugged very near the Hard Rock Cafe. The mode of this mugging was to pull on a bag and when I turned round I was stabbed in the chest with a knife, while turning.

This is a stab first rob later mode of attack. At first I thought I had been punched, my friend held onto her bag and I started to assist only to be slashed with the knife across my right arm – that was when I saw blood spraying out my chest I told her to let the bag go as her head/kneck was closest to the knife. The robber fled with the bag. I think we were marked and then surrounded as some of the “local concerned helpers” were actually trying to pull me clear.

I press 80kgs twice a week so my chest muscles reduced the penetration of the blade and it did not pass the rib cage. I think a slimmer person may have suffered a lung puncture and IF on the heart side of the chest a fatal wound.

It took 30 mins to get to a hospital (City Hospital – very happy with the medics there top job). I was lucky to be able to stand in the road to stop a taxi – several passed after seeing blood – and eventually after being rejected at a private hospital I got mediacal attention.


Of note:

No police anywhere in an iffy area (I think they get a cut to stay away), security at the local venues did nothing….
Very hard to get support people in street or taxis.
This attack valued life at $1000 it was stab to kill first then grab.
The tourist police did not ask ANYTHING about the perpetrator of this crime – all they did was produce a report for an insurance claim…. They have no intention of pursuing criminals, no interest.
As with other posts the tourist police office was a conveyor belt of victims coming in. Of note was a Korean couple who had just been robbed outside the police station 100 meters away, the 6 officers sipping tea seemd not to notice anything worthy of their attention. An NYC man came in 10 minutes later having had his gold chain snatched from his neck – he said he lived in NYC 32 years and this was his first every mugging.

I genuinely feel the police in KL are worse than the criminals because they are ineffective, not present and most likely getting a cut. The politicains are the police masters I wonder how they make so much money.

Malaysia truly Asia (my arse this is a pit of crime)
KL= Killed by Locals.

This place needs avoiding big time. I have travelled Africa, Yemen, SE Asia for nearly 30 years back packer and 5 star, I am not a squeemish person but I genuinely believe this to be THE most dangerous place I have been due to the vast number of incidents and the frequency of them…. its epidemic.


Written by Kesavan

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