Foods that everyone should avoid. The top 5 unhealthy food.


There are actually many unhealthy food, but i think these are the top 5 unhealthy food which we encounter the most in our daily life.

Eat them at a minimum, maybe one a year. Or even better, avoid them completely.

1. Soda drinks.


Soda drinks is synonym to a cup of sugar. Soda drinks also leads to the growth of cancer cells. Almost every ingredient in the soda drinks is bad. It is full of artificial sweeteners which eventually cause birth defects and may also lead to cancer.


2. Microwave Popcorn.


Microwave revolutionize our world. Every great cook becomes lazy, just microwave the food and it’s done. It is clean and quick. Some food are okay to microwave it and eat. However, the bads of microwave popcorn are lined with harmful chemicals that causes infertility and liver cancer.


3. Processed Meats.


Processed meat is one of the main causes for cancer. Processed food items like meat and so on. This all contain preservatives which preserves the meat to last longer and look fresh. This preservatives will cause cancer.


4. Farmed Salmon.


Again, another cancer causing food. Farmed salmon is infested with carcinogenic chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and many more chemicals. Also, farmed salmon somehow has lower Vitamin D then the wild salmon.


5. Apples, grapes and many other fruits.


Be careful where you buy your fruits. Nowadays, a lot of fruits are being sprayed pesticides to keep the worms away. Seems like a good idea right?. But it is extremely harmful to human. Again, it may cause cancer. So, it is better you buy the organic and pesticide free. But it is much safer to wash the fruits properly before eating.

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