Food Companies’ Reaction When Luis Suarez Bit Giorgio Chiellini


Some of the biggest F&B Companies ranging from McDonalds to Trident chewing gum to Snickers gobbled up the free publicity offered by Uruguay striker Luis Suarez’s incredible bite on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match on Tuesday.


Trident gum tweeted: “Chew Trident. Not soccer players,” 

Snicker tweeted: “Hey @luis16suarez. Next time you’re hungry just grab a Snickers,”


Bud Light said: “Relax, they’re twist off,” Bud Light said of its beer caps, alongside a photo of a man with suspiciously Suarez looking teeth trying to open a bottle with his mouth.

McDonalds tweeted: “Hi @luis16suarez, if you’re really hungry why don’t you take a bite out a BigMac,” 

Listerine tweeted: “We recommend a good swish after grabbing a bite of Italian,”

JC Penney tweeted: “Fangs for the memories, Uruguay,” read their tweet, below a picture of a kid in a vampire cape.

Domino’s Pizza tweeted: Maybe somebody should have told @luis16suarez its #TwoForTuesday, he could have pizza for dinner instead! #biting

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