Fitness blogger Photoshopped herself with a ”Perfect” body to prove how ridiculous is it

Cassey Ho
A social media fitness guru, Cassey Ho who is known for creating Blogilates, a Youtube channel devoted to teaching audiences Pilates and bootcamp workouts. 


After seeing mean comments viewers were making about her body, she decided to design the ”perfect” body from those comments on her Youtube page. Some of the comments were, ”You shouldn’t give advice when you’re so fat,” one person writes. “Trainer? …really??” asks another. “Tone up the belly fat and love handles.”



Through CGI, she completely changed her body, giving herself a thigh gap, making her waist tinier, narrowing her jaw, enhancing her breasts, and changing the color of her eyes.
Before releasing the video, she took an Instagram selfie without telling anyone that her body is photoshopped and even having the perfect body, there were mean comments about her body . People were calling her anorexic.

thin  cassey ho

Then she asked in an Instagram caption, “How are we to know what kind of beauty can be naturally achieved when everything around us is so deceiving?”
She then told people, “The goal is to show that cyber-bullying and mean comments really affect people, and to think before you say something. I hope that people do the exact opposite after seeing this video.”

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