First Car Scheme for young people earning lesser than RM4,000

khairy jamaluddin first car sceheme
When it comes to serving vehicle loans, many young people in Malaysia are having a pretty bad time as their salary could not manage it comfortably. Thankfully Khairy Jamaluddin or also known as KJ is doing his best to look out for us. 
That’s right folks — the UMNO youth chief recently proposed to the government to introduce a First Car Scheme, whereby youth earning lesser than RM4,000 per month will be able to purchase their first car without paying tax or excise duties. He also added that this will reduce car prices especially for youth buying for the first time but the cars included in such a scheme should be moderately priced and locally assembled.
However, this is just something KJ proposed and we are not sure on whether the Malaysian government will go with this whole idea or otherwise. Let’s just wait and see how the upper “management” would react to this rather pleasant proposal.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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