FIFA President promises FIFA 2050 in Mongolia

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been caught making unrealistic promises that the host of the 2050 World Cup would be held in Mongolia. 
Blatter, who was re-elected football’s most powerful man after edging out Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein on Friday, is heavily implicated in startling findings that will raise further ethical questions following the worst week in FIFA’s history.
About 18 people some at the very top of the game, have been charged for taking over £100million bribes and kick backs going back over two decades.
 In footage recorded inside the Mongolian Football Federation headquarters for charity One World Media and obtained by the Mail on Sunday, a written vow hangs on a wall clearly stating that the tiny footballing nation would host the sport’ s biggest competition.
It reads ‘Mongolia – The Land of Free and Brave will host: Asian Cup 2035; World Cup 2050’ before the verified signatures of Blatter and Elbegdorj.




Mongolia has never qualified for either tournament and occupying a lowly 200th spot i the FIFA’s world rankings.
The pledge was signed on January 26, 2011 – the exact same day as Mongolia president Elbegdorj was in Zurich for talks with Blatter.
Back then, the Elbegdorj said that, ‘Mongolia has the potential to become a major footballing power. One day we can host the Asian Cup and perhaps even the World Cup. Why not?


‘I can see us making a bid for 2050. You have to have dreams in life and maybe I will even have the chance to see my great-great-grandchildren play in a World Cup in Mongolia.’
Mongolian officials claimed that they were ”confident” of hosting the World Cup when pressed, and have since seen FA president Ganbold Buyannemekh banned from football for five years after ‘soliciting and accepting’ bribes from the former FIFA executive Bin Hammam.
FIFA and the Mongolian FA did not respond to requests for comment.

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