Ferrari 458 Speciale is faster than you think it is

ferrari 458 speciale

This new video just kicked in the automotive scene and to be honest, there isn’t anything special about the video here. Ferrari should definitely do something about their marketing crew.

Getting back to the ride itself, this all new 458 Speciale went through a “diet” and as a result it only weighs 1290kg which is 90kg lesser than the original model, 458 Italia. In other words, this machine is much more faster.

2014 ferrari 458 speciale

Under the Hood

A 4.5 Liter V8 engine is placed underneath this cherry red beast and it produces 605 Horsepower in return. That’s roughly about 35 Horsepower more compared to the 458 Italia.


It completes that in just 3.0 seconds. We find it very impressive.


It completes it in just 9.1 seconds.

Top Speed

325 km/h

Ferrari seems to be trying their best to keep their horse in the game. Well, with this new model in the supercar scene, they definitely have something to share with Nissan’s GTR Track Edition and Lamborghini’s Aventador.

2014 ferrari 458 speciale backview