Fake ”Dato” Vicknesh Jailed 23 years and 14 strokes of rotan

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Dato Vicknesh was sentenced to 23 years jail and given 14 strokes of rotan. He will be in jail until 2035 after remission today. 

Social activist Kuan Chee Heng had seen many colourful characters both in his stint in the police force and in his current role as a voluntary crime buster and social activist.

Image Source: http://www.theantdaily.com/
Image Source: http://www.theantdaily.com/

Over the past three years, 35-year-old Vicknesh Veeriah  is alleged to have conned dozens of people of hundreds of thousands of ringgit over the past three years.

Although there have been reports have been lodged against him, he still roams freely until recently when he was caught by the police force (PDRM).

“This fellow is the biggest conman I have encountered. He has at least 20 different phone numbers which he uses to contact and keep in touch with his victims.

“He has claimed to be a datuk and said he has contacts in MIC or Makkal Sakthi. He also bragged about his friends in high places to convince his victims to hand their cash over to him,” said Kuan.

”Dato” Vicknesh’s usal modus operandi is that he convinces people that he can help people get cars at very low prices in government auctions.

“He would tell the victims, for example, that he can get a used BMW for RM80,000, and ask them to bank in part of the payment. He will even prepare fake documents to convince his victims.

“Throughout the transaction – right up to the point where the money is banked in, the crook will be in touch with the victims (via phone) disguised as everyone ranging from the Road Transport Department director to a runner. He even changes his voice modulation when he contacts people. That usually does not rouse anyone’s suspicion,” said Kuan.


It has been said that 90% of his victims were Indians. His victims were all over the the country.

“Vicknesh had also cheated people after convincing them that he can help secure a place in university for their children, as well as getting datukships for gullible people with big egos and high ambitions.”

The police had been trying their best to nab him since last year but he was constantly on the move but they have finally caught him.

Vicknesh was sentenced to 23 years jail and given 14 strokes of rotan. He will be in jail until 2035 after remission.

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