Facts about Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak.


Tunku Abdul Rahman College is now known as Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC). It is well known to be one of the most affordable college (in term of tuition fees).

Here are some facts about it.


1. We have one of the grandest entrance and fencing around it, previously it is ugly. (Probably money from resit papers).


2. Canteen 2 economy rice. Three dish + one rice, only Rm1.90. Sadly it increase to Rm2.20. Still very cheap.

3. Our canteen 2 foyer is always busy with some events.

4. In canteen 2 we have our own KFC. (Excellent).

5. Our toilets are never clean!.

6. Best place to take a dump now is Tan Siew Sin building.


7. Some of our schedule is stupid. First class in block K then next class is DK ABA.

8. Mandarin is the main language there, like it or not.

9. Students always barge in wrong lecture hall.

10. When it rains heavy, block A will flood!. And we will have our own river.


11. Hot Chinese ladies everywhere.

12. We must wear our student ID everywhere!.

13. Blue Uniform guard will take your student ID if you are caught wearing Slipper or even wearing something too “sexy”.!?

14. Parking is a pain in the ass! And we have to resort to parking at the back gate and get charge Rm3 by those Malay Guys.

15. Library is a good place to sleep! It is also freaking cold! Discussion Room is to have a talk cock group session!.

16. Lecture halls are never clean! Students in Taruc is always hungry during lecture and loves to eat junk food.

17. Hostel always no water or electric!.

18. Boys toilet got a lot of handphone numbers for gays!.

19. CITC a great place to study not the library.

20. Alot of people forget to log out their ID from the CITC computer and other users cant use it. Dont be selfish.

21. Our college always campaign about going green!. But in the end they cut down all the big shady trees to build Tan Siew Sin building and plant the lousy thin tree.

22. It is located around Malaysia.

23. We did win some competition, but only a few percent are aware about it.

24. Our college hall is huge and is the worse place to take an exam paper over there.

If you guys got anymore facts, do post it in our comment section and share them out =D

Have a nice day!

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