Facts about SMK Raja Mahadi, Klang, Selangor

smk raja mahadi official klang

1. A co-ed double-session school built in 1982 (as SM Taman Goodwood) and established as SM Raja Mahadi on the 5th April 1984, at Taman Klang Jaya (formerly Taman Goodwood), Klang, Selangor

2. Named after Raja Mahadi bin Raja Sulaiman, a member of the Selangor royalty and a warrior who played a role in the 1867-1874 Selangor Civil War (also known as Klang War)

3. Due to the substantially-high percentage of Indians in these abovementioned areas, SMK Raja Mahadi currently has an Indian majority, followed by a good number of Malays, Chinese, and mixed-race ones

4. SMK Raja Mahadi is well-known for the sports-capable students it produces – many who started their career in sports such as athletics, hockey and archery have progressed to the district, state and even national levels. During the school’s annual Cross-Country and Sports Day events, such talents are discovered and then trained by dedicated teachers including our favourite En. Nyanakumar

5. Raja Mahadi is also known for its strong sense of belonging, a firm feeling of identity and family, and a culture of closeness/togetherness – highly-persistent among students (and even teachers), even after leaving the school for years. And, it is a widely-known fact affirmed by students in other schools as well. The very moment some outsiders talk trash about the school or anyone else related to the school, expect sufficient doses of backlash from us Raja Mahadians. 😉

6. Being a school prefect (Pengawas Sekolah) or a librarian (Pengawas Pusat Sumber) in SMK Raja Mahadi is arguably one of the best-damn-things you can ever be in. The culture that exists in each of these posts is said to be very unique, quite unlike the ones in other schools

7. Before newer blocks are built recently, two wooden blocks used to occupy the back section of the school. And when it rained, FLOODS EVERYWHERE!

floods everywhere

8. Canteen food and beverages = AWESOME! Koperasi products served by the vibrant group of Pengawas Koperasi = LAGI SYOK!

canteen school

9. Before the rooftops are installed to cover the assembly area (Dataran Wawasan) today, some school events were used to be (and some are still) held at our one-of-a-kind Dewan Terbuka – which is, in effect, the school’s canteen minus the tables and benches

10. Just like others, Raja Mahadians love to play football at the basketball court after school (or in some cases, during the hours) – whether it’s a real football or just a Coca-Cola bottle. Cause we’re so cool like that …


11. Some of the school walls are now adorned with attractive artwork and graffiti by the students, containing various useful messages. Previously, however, these walls were often the target of, er, plain naughty youths with paint cans on their hands


12. Somehow, people around are fond of associating SMK Raja Mahadi with a lot of, well, negative things (gangsterism, truancy, plain mischief, etc.).

  • While they are, well, existent, they are just a small minority; and let’s not forget the fact that other schools in Klang or Selangor or even Malaysia have these issues bogging around too. So please, don’t bombard us with negativity, people – there are still many awesome talents waiting to flourish there, you know!

13. And, of course, saving the best for last, Raja Mahadi has its very best treasure – in the form of Mr. Balamuraly Pachaiappan, or fondly known as Bala Sir/Sir Bala. He is, after all, THE BEST GURU DISIPLIN EVERRR!!! No words can describe his awesomeness as a strict disciplinarian, a dedicated sports advisor and a caring teacher. (some will remember him for his “Dei Mangga?!” calls to the naughty students who often run around in school for fear of being caught)

  • He even has a “We LOVE MR Bala” FB page, started by his students who once had awesomely “kena teruk-teruk” from Bala Sir for their mischievous characters in school

we love mr bala

This post is submitted by a student from SMK Raja Mahadi, Klang, Selangor (Lester). Thank you for sharing the post. :) For those of you who would like to contribute a piece for their own school or college/university, you can send it in here or facts@funnymalaysia.net

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