Facts about Malaysian Indian parents

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1. Our parents are always asking us to study..Every Indian parents wants us to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer or an accountant


2. When you are out, Indian parents will call you and the first thing they will ask is, ”you ate already?”
3. Indian moms never fail in nagging. They will always say this ”In this house I only do all the work. All the children don’t appreciate what I do. I clean plates, I wash clothes and mop the floors but no one helps me and no one appreciates me. 


4. If you ask your Indian mom money, she will say, ”Why ask me, I don’t have money go ask your dad”
5. Indian dads, when you attend a wedding function, you can see all the Indian dads will group up in one table and start talking about politics. Never fail to talk about politics every time. 
6. There is always two types of parents, the ones that are ok with their sons and daughters drinking alcohol at a certain age and the ones that, it is forbidden to drink alcohol even if you are 40 years old.


7. Our parents never trust us with money. Probably because they think we spend it all on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
8. Indian dads are the first to taught us guys to use hair products. They will always ask us to use Brylcreem because they have been using that ever since they started styling their hair. Indian dads till today still uses Brylcreem to style their hair. 


9. And they will never leave the house with their light brown coloured comb and handkerchief


10. “Where are you going? What time will you be home? With whom you are going?” This is one of the things which only Indian parents will ask their young daughters.
11. They will always threaten you if  you don’t do well in studies you will become a rubbish collector. 
12. Our indian moms will only use sarees when it is only a wedding function, where else your grandmother wears it everyday. 
13. They usually forbid their sons and daughters to have girlfriend or boyfriend. You only can start having one after you get an education. 


14. Indian moms will always be trying to add us on Facebook but we never accept and only some do accept their friend request. 
15. When you are young, your parents will have a special ”Rotan” for you. They are never afraid of hitting us.


16. If they bring us out to eat, it is always Chinese food. They will only go to this one restaurant for the rest of their lives. For some reason they don’t like to try other Chinese restaurants.
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