Facts About Malaysian Boys Using Tinder

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Tinder is basically a matchmaking mobile app. It has some kind of GPS technology that gives users the option to match with anyone within a particular distance. 
Now that you get the idea on how it works, here are some facts on how Malaysian boys actually use this app and what actually happens to them (based on an actual survey).

1. In US and UK, Tinder is used for hooking up (sex purposes). So most of us will actually download this app hoping to hook up with some ladies

2. We swipe right to almost all of the ladies..At times by mistake, we swipe right to some guys as well since our fingers move too damn fast

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3. Everywhere we go, there are new bunch of ladies given to us to swipe right. In other words, we swipe right everywhere we go

4. Although we swipe right to all of them, we only get like 2 or 3 matches and at times we get NONE!

5. Out of the 2 or 3 matches that we get, probably 1 or two of them will not reply our messages..OH WHY!


6. Well, we think its because Malaysian ladies are finding their prince charming or something in this app

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7. Sometimes we get matches that seems unreal. Like a freaking hot white lady but shes like only 3 miles away. We are scared of this kind of things as we might be the next scam victim who needs to deposit RM3,000 into some bank account to reclaim our naked pictures

and its gone

8. Some of us are a little choosy when it comes to swiping right. Seriously guys, you are already on Tinder (which shows you are desperate), don’t make it worst for yourself

9. Speaking about desperate guys, there are a small bunch of us that just start talking about sex like out of nowhere. We apologize on behalf of them

10. But there are some of us who actually got some ‘action’ with the ladies they met on Tinder. And the unlucky ones like us always wonder what went wrong with our profile. Hmm. Maybe someone jampi or something


11. Ladies….Seriously lah..We know we won’t be able to hook up with you..At least swipe us right and talk to us, pleaseeeeee. Talking to you is good enough to brag to our friends

things are getting serious

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