Everyone seems to have a 3 series, that’s why the coupe is now called the 4 Series

4 series coupe original

The all new 4 Series coupe is actually lower, wider and longer compared to the 3 Series coupe and the saloon as well. But is this machine worth the money? Let’s find out together with this short review.


The nose of the 4 Series is much more aggressive this time and as it gets a redesigned lower grill with a pair of “air breathers” on each side. It looks pretty much stylish from the outside.

all new 4 series coupe


On the inside, the difference are less noticeable. The only thing that stands out is the “seat belt butler”. That’s right! A seat belt that pops out when you start your engine. Other than that, everything seems to stay the same as what you get in a 3 Series coupe. But thinking about it again, the 3 Series is already luxurious and sporty enough.

4 series review interior


  • Xenon headlamps
  • Leather seats
  • Heated seats
  • Front and rear parking senses 
  • Automatic boot opener (sensor that detects your foot to open up the boot)
  • Auto Seat Belt


For a coupe, the front seats are pretty spacious with lots of storage compartments. Plus the boot size is almost as big as the normal 3 Series. However, the backseats could be a little disappointing as you don’t get plenty of headroom due to the sloping roof. 


The 4 Series is a great car to drive. It’s got a wide range of “talents” such as the steering which is very accurate and sharp when you are around the corner. Also, since the machine sits lower and wider than the 3 Series saloon and has more suspension settings, the 4 Series feels more agile. In conclusion, this machine is more fun to drive.

The performance on the other hand is nothing to be worried about either. It is fast and definitely something that will not let you down. But we in FunnyMalaysia.NET would suggest the 420d variant as it is still quick and it can top 4 Liters for every 100KM.

the 4 series looks amazing

Driving Modes

  • Sports
  • Normal
  • Comfort

FunnyMalaysia.NET says: If you are looking for a “head turner” machine and something that would not eat your entire life saving, the 4 Series is definitely worth checking out.