Effect of beer and coffee on your brain.!


I came across this blog that depicts the effect of beer and coffee on your brain! It is very interesting and i would like to share it with you guys  in FunnyMalaysia style.




Q: Which part of the brain does the beer effect?

A: Cerebral Vortex. Which is responsible for our conscious, thoughts, language, memory, perceptual awareness and attention.

So, what happens when beer meet with our cerebral vortex.? It actually suppress whatever the cerebral cortex is responsible for and thus freeing our mind from all the distraction. Once your mind is free, you start to become more Creative!.  Bare in mind, this is only about two pints of beer (on an average person). Well, everyone’s tolerance is different.




Q: Which part of the brain does the coffee effect?

A: Well, it doesn’t really effect any specific part of your brain.

What it actually does is, the caffeine binds itself with our receptors. What is so special about that? Well, without the caffeine, our receptors will bind itself with the adenosine. Adenosine in short is, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which plays a role in promoting sleep and suppressing arousal, which is also our ‘alertness’. So, in five minutes time you will feel more energetic!


The benefits of both liquid:

Beer: Don’t overdose on this drink and you will be less worried about the world’s problems and you will get more relaxed which will inspire you to have more creative ideas.

Coffee: Have a cup of Coffee, and after five minute you will feel more focus with much more energy to continue work.


The disadvantage ofboth liquid:

Beer: Drinking too much beer will probably cause a permanent damage on your cerebral Cortex which will cause you to have less focus and decreased on memory.

Coffee: You may get addicted to Coffee. The more you drink, your tolerance will be higher, thus you may need more then one cup to feel the kick, if you are an avid coffee drinker.


When will be the best time to drink a beer or a coffee?:

Beer : When you are in search of a new idea for your business or when you are drawing an art.

Coffee: When you have the idea already and you need to work on it!


Everything is always done in moderation! Remember that!


So as a conclusion i would say, beer and coffee go hand in hand very well. Beer being the thinker, and coffee being the action man.

Special thanks to http://en.ilovecoffee.jp/posts/view/79 for the wonderful post.

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