Dr. Mahathir blames Anwar Ibrahim for the Selangor menteri besar crisis

Our ex prime minister recently accused Anwar Ibrahim for trying to conquer Putrajaya and he also blames Anwar for the Selangor menteri besar crisis. 

Well, Mahathir added that wishing to be a prime minister is definitely not wrong, however, he said that Anwar would need support to realize his ambition. In other words, the PKR de facto leader should see the Selangor menteri besar position as a stepping stone instead of focusing on the prime minister position.

Fact: Selangor is actually the wealthiest state in the country

What else Dr Mahathir has said recently:

“For Anwar, the Menteri Besar position is a small matter as the bigger picture is the prime minister’s position”.

“With Selangor’s wealth, perhaps Anwar might be able to influence parliamentarians to cross the political divide and support the opposition”.

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