Dota 2 Came in 9th Place for Top Earning MMO; League of Legends Top Earning MMO


Wonder who which MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game earns most in the world?. Well, we have received news that the current top earning in the online game world is League of Legends (LOL). Those of you who have not heard of LOL, this game is a concept based on Dota. With revenue of just under  US$1 billion and this game itsself is still free to play. The second place goes to a Korean first person shooter, Crossfire which earned US$897 million and it is also free to play game.


Other online games which are based on subscription like the all time famous World of Warcraft actually gained 600,000 new players with the launch of Warlords of Draenor expansion back. But these game, has been bleeding players for years now. Many new players appears in the  game but only for awhile when they switch to other games. It is not easy to retain paying customers which are based on subscription fees.


Why League of Legends but not Dota 2?. Well, Dota 2 only took  US$136 million from January to September 2014. This large gab of revenue difference is largely unknown but it is likely that the relatively smaller market share affects the outcome. This is odd as both of these games are actually the talk of the town. Dota 2 is placed at 9th of the top earning MMO.

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