Dear Red Shirt supporters, I would like to ask you a few questions

Dear Red Shirt supporters, I would like to ask you a question, which you don’t need to answer me but you will need to answer yourself for your own sake, not mine.
1. You want to fight for MARUAH MELAYU or Malay pride, right?
2. Do you realise who is
it really who has hurt your Malay pride? Do you know that the money stolen through 1MDB is FROM THE MALAYS as much as it is from the other races as it is the Rakyat’s money which is used for the Rakyat, and the
MALAYS are the MAJORITY beneficiaries of the money?

3. Do you know that it is allegedly stolen by UMNO MALAYS?

4. Do you know that BERSIH 4 was about fighting against the theft of the Rakyat’s money, ie. money belonging to the Rakyat, of whom MALAYS are the majority?
It was not about RACE at all?
5. Do you know therefore that by fighting against Bersih 4 and the Chinese who attended it together with Malays, Indians, Orang Asli and other Rakyat members,
YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST THE INTEREST OF THE MALAYS and the interest of all the Rakyat as a whole?

6. DOES THAT MAKE YOU A MALAY HERO, in the sight of the Malays and your God, you think? Do you think for yourself or do you allow others or money to help you think?
Maruah Melayu or a bit of wang?

You get a little bit of the stolen wang whilst those making use of you get the millions and the billions – is this Malay pride???

By:Amir Firdaus Salleh

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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