ptptn loan featured
1. We are always waiting and waiting when will you be banked in to our accounts and we get tensed and disappointed when you have not visited us yet


2. It’s true that we already have lists drafted in our heads of things to buy once you give us a visit
3. And yeah, no one can ever explain the joy on our faces when we see our bank account is filled with you

ptptn everywhere

4. Technically, people think we only use you to survive our studying days and daily stuffs, but the truth is, we use you to go for many things..even short vacations
5. We girls even admit that we use you to go and get our hair done in those saloons


6. The thing is, you have always be an inspiration for us to drink coffee in Starbucks or Coffee Beans instead of Mamak shop coffee

i cant read this

7. Baskin Robbins ice-cream seems to be a better choice instead of Potong ice-creams when you are here with us!
8. We admit, we use you for unnecessary shopping. Even the 7th pair of shoes were bought using you
9. You just make us feel like a baller.


10. But you leave us too fast, before the semester ends..
11. And those luxury life we used to experience will be gone before we know it

dont leave me alone

12. And we end up eating Gardenia bun and Maggi cup in our rooms and dorms!

eat maggi

13. But when it comes to the point where we need to pay you back…we simply have no words for that


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