Dear Hitz.FM

1. We have been listening to you for a long long time now but you are getting annoying 
2. You guys removed JJ & Rudy and we are not okay with that…But we got ourselves used to that fact (We are loving Ian & JinnyBoy now, so please do not make any changes)

jj and rudy

3. I don’t know if the radio station is on repeat or what..But seriously guys..Stop playing the same songs over and over again till we get sick of it..You are ruining songs for us


4. Speaking about songs..Is it hard for you guys to try on new genres of music? It’s always Pop and R&B…Try la some other good stuffs
5. We tune in the radio because we want to listen to some musics but in return, you give us lots of advertisements..Oh Why!

plays intro

6. Well, we understand that you are running a business and advertisements are really important and all..But don’t lah spam advertisement in the radio 5 minutes straight


7. You guys are like trying too hard with your ads. News got ads. Traffic report got ads. But do you know that whenever you play the ads, we switch to another channel? Hmmm..We think you do know about this
8. Because of things listed above, we are switching to musics that are stored in our USB/CDs 
9. But Jakeman & Skeletor, you guys are doing a good job with Club Hitz..So keep up the good work

jakeman and skeletor

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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