Dan Bilzerian arrested for ‘trying to make a bomb’

Dan Bilzerian was arrested at Los Angeles Airport on Tuesday night following claims that he tried to make a bomb. The professional gambler and actor, 34, was being held without bail before being released on Wednesday.
Dan Bilzerian has been charged with violating a law making it a crime to possess an explosive or incendiary device with the intent to manufacture it. He received an arrest warrant in Clark County,which claimed that he had ammonium, aluminum powder, and ammonium nitrate mix – which, when mixed together, would make TNT. It also alleged that he possessed such a device.


You can be put behind bars from one to six years if you possess bomb making equipment  and havind device could result in one to four years in jail.
Prior to his arrest, Dan Bilzerian had been in Miami to celebrate his birthday but he was forcibly ejected from a nightclub on Saturday night after he physically assaulted a woman by kicking her in the face.


He’s no stranger to controversy – in May, he threw 19-year-old model Janice Griffith off a roof into a pool at his home in Las Vegas as part of a Hustler photo-shoot, but missed. The model broke her foot and made an unsuccessful bid for $85,000 in compensation.


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