Dad tries to bail out son from Setiawangsa police station, dad got arrested too

balai polis setiawanga-compressed
A man went to the Setiawangsa police station to bail out his 16 year old son for riding a motorcycle without a valid license, however, the police detained he himself for not having a driver’s license. 
According to Harian Metro, the 40 year old something father rushed to the police station to post bail for his son as the minor got arrested during an Ops Roda roadblock nearby Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Setiawangsa.
When undergoing a routine check, the man failed to produce his driver’s license. He then came up with an excuse saying that his driver’s license credentials were already embedded in his MyKad. In the end, he confessed that his license has expired and his car was then impounded by the police.

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