“Cutest McDonald’s Goddess” in Taiwan

Netizens are going all gaga over another Taiwanese food worker but this time an employee from McDonalds who’s been dubbed the ”McDOnld’s goddess”.

If you remember, McDonald’s in Taiwan has a glorious track record when it comes to cute girls since their staff started cosplaying in maids’ dresses, sailor uniforms, and otheroutfits since 2013.

Everybody knows that fast-food giant McDonald’s has a mascot named Ronald McDonald, but in Taiwan, there’s a “McDonald’s goddess” who is probably more popular than the smiley red-haired clown.



taiwanese mcdonald worker


RocketNews24 has directed our attention to Wei Han Xu, who gained legions of fans after a Taiwanese blogger uploaded of some pictures of her online. Wei Han Xu (徐薇涵), also known as Weiwei, or Haitun (海豚, which means “dolphin” in Chinese)


mcdonalds-gal2-compressed (1)

Taiwanese Netizens went gaga after seeing pictures of Wei Han Xu who has big, round eyes and sweet smile, and a frenzy reportedly broke out on the local forums as netizens scrambled to find out which McDonald’s outlet their newfound goddess worked at.

The doll like girl is actually been working part time at the McDonald’s store for five years now and she has appeared before in another RocketNews 24 post from 2013 when the store employees dressed up in frilly maid costumes.




Aside from working part time at McDonald’s she is also a model.

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