Confessions of a Bantal Busuk owner

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For the first time in history, an article is written in honour of the most amazing thing on earth, our bantal busuk on our bed.
I have a Chou Chou and I’m a proud Chou Chou owner. While many like me call it Chou Chou, other common names include bantal busuk, busuk busuk, with some even giving it pet names (aww so cute)…
Chou Chou comes in different forms, shapes and sizes for. For some it might be a bolster, for others it might be a small pillow, hand-sewn blanket, or even random soft toys. The lucky ones have had their Chou Chou since they were a kid while some were slightly late to discover this hidden treasure but you know as they say, it’s better to be late than never!
One common characteristic of all Chou Chou is the smell, oh that heavenly smell. A deep breath of Chou Chou after a long day refuels my body with energy. When I’m heartbroken, I hug and cry with my Chou Chou and I feel much better very quickly. Only when I hold it in tight embrace at night that I can fall into deep sleep dreaming of unicorns and shit.
The smell does vary according to the seasons and temperature though. Studies of my Chou Chou over the past 10 years have shown that mine tends to smell better during warmer days/temperatures. Cold weather/aircon tends to mute the smell a little but nevertheless, it is still good, just not as good.
It is always a struggle when Chou Chou owners have to travel. We all have that one secret wish to pack our chou chous into our luggages. I always didn’t do it in the end cause I’m worried I might lose my luggage with my Chou Chou inside.
But mothers, they just don’t get it, why would they take my Chou Chou out to sun it? Like hello? My Chou Chou doesn’t need a tan can? My Chou Chou is not a plant you know! Don’t need sunlight to survive one! You are going to fry my Chou Chou alive in the sun!! Don’t you know putting it under the sun will change the smell of my Chou Chou???
Sunning of my Chou Chou aside, the other crisis I’ve had to deal with is the constant changing of cover! Some mothers like to change covers of Chou Chou to wash the old one! WHY???? My Chou Chou is clean and nice and everything wonderful! Why is there a need to change cover??? You know how many days it would take me to build up the smell again once you change a new cover for my Chou Chou??
Even worse, some mothers wash the Chou Chou itself. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? ITS WORSE THAN MURDER!! When my mother did it, I nearly committed suicide. All that heavenly smell that I built up over the years. All that pain and effort and slow marination to create that smell, all gone down the drain! After that happened I couldn’t sleep properly for weeks, eyes wide open at night, wondering what is this new foreign thing on my bed that looks like a pale shadow of my Chou Chou. It took me a few weeks to get over this devastation in life, and a few months for me to marinate and season it to a glimpse of what my Chou Chou used to smell and feel like.
If my mother washes my Chou Chou again, I swear I’ll go to Hong Lim Park and organise a SAY NO TO WASHING OF CHOU CHOU protest! It is against human rights to do such inhumane acts!
To all husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends of Chou Chou owners, STOP ASKING US IF WE CAN THROW AWAY OUR CHOU CHOU! Our Chou Chou is a part of us!! Asking us to throw it away is like asking us to cut away our hand or something! Why would you want to cut away the hand of your loved one??? How can you be so cruel? If you love us you gotta accept everything about us, including our Chou Chou! Period.
You should be thankful that we even wanna share our Chou Chou with you! We don’t share it with anyone ok? Only with those people we love! So stop avoiding it and pushing it away when we put our Chou Chou to your nose and try to share it with you! That hurts us, truly madly deeply.
And stop saying it is SMELLY! It is not! It is acquired taste! I smell it, I feel alive. If you don’t appreciate good things like this then too bad for you, you’ve a sad life, or maybe you’re just jealous of our Chou Chou cause you don’t have one that smells so good!
Oh yea, and stop saying it is unhygienic too! What do you know about hygiene! For all Chou Chou owners, we know that it is our Chou Chou that keeps us alive. Without oxygen we Chou Chou owners might not be alive, but guess what, without our Chou Chou we would DEFINITELY be dead, yes dead from the inside to the outside and back to the inside again. We are alive and kicking because of our Chou Chous, so don’t say it is unhygienic or there’s germs, it is NOT TRUE AT ALL! Your eyes microscope ah? Can like that see germs ah?
If there’s one dream of all Chou Chou owners, it is to duplicate our Chou Chou and share with the world this wonderful creation of ours, and maybe make it into smaller versions for our kids so that our Chou Chou’s legacy lives on forever and ever and EVER!
This is my Chou Chou, I’ve had it for 10 years and I love it.

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