College Vs High School Life in Malaysia

1. Whatever you think that will happen in college during high school, NEVER HAPPENS here in Malaysia


2. Not doing assignments/homework in college is simply not an option
3. Speaking of assignments, in college we don’t need textbooks to complete our assignments..All we need is Wikipedia¬†


4. Making problems when you are in high school gets you involved with your parents whereas in college gets you involved with the police
5. Being punctual is an option in college..This is when you learn to use phrases like “on the way bro”


6. In high school is all about friends and in college is all about the money
7. Back in high school, we used to think that smoking is bad…We end up doing it in college
8. And same goes to alcohol (Clubbing errrrdayy)


9. Sleeping problems, girlfriend/boyfriend problems, money problems and transportation problems all begins in college
10. By the time you enrolled in college, you will know that the SPM cert is just a piece of paper
11. Anndd most of us are no longer a virgin in college

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