Chinese Woman Horrified after Buying Steak Home To Find It Still Moving

A women in China who lives in Shandong province was about to cut a raw steak when she noticed the disturbing movements and said that it looked like it was still alive.


‘It looks like it is still alive, or that there are worms or something inside. However when I cut it open I didn’t find any worms, just twitching.’ , said Ms Cheng.
Lv Suwen, an expert from the local animal health department said that the spasms were caused by nerve endings that had not died yet.


‘The central nervous system is dead but the nerve endings in the muscles are still firing resulting in the jumping, because the nerves are not yet dead. This will stop after a short time.’
Ms Lv said it was unlikely that the meat had been tampered with: ‘From my many years of experience, I have never encountered this type of tampering. Ms Cheng said she bought the meat in the morning at 8am and began to cut it an hour later but it was unclear when the meat was butchered.
Some people have commented that the pulsating was a sign of ‘freshness” The Animal health department claims that the meat was safe to eat.

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