Chinese girl tries to sell her virginity for RM128,000 to save her brother’s life

She was selling her virginity to save her sick brother has been making the rounds on Chinese social media.


Recently, a 19-year-old girl got onto the Hangzhou Metro (China) holding a signboard which read that she was offering up her virginity to anyone willing to pay her 200,000 yuan (about RM128,000). She also said that she had a certificate from the hospital proving her virginity.


She was selling her virginity to save her sick brother has been making the rounds on Chinese social media.

The girl, surnamed Xu from Yunnan province, needed to raise funds for her 23 year old brother’s leukemia treatment.

While it was found that Xu’s bone marrow was a match with her brother’s, he had a negative reaction to the bone marrow transplant. Xu then decided to sell her body in order to raise enough funds for her family’s medical debt, which had reached 100,000 Yuan (over RM64,000), and for future treatments for her brother.


A local woman was concerned for the girl and reportedly offered to give her 50,000 Yuan (about RM32,000) if she would stop prostituting herself, but she turned the payment down.

Xu was also dubbed “pepper girl” after she made headlines for selling red peppers to save her brother, according to What’s on Weibo.

The girl attracted quite a bit of attention from fellow commuters, but she also attracted the attention of police. Officers escorted her back to the police station.


There she explained that her brother was currently being treated in a local hospital and she had recently arrived in Hangzhou earlier this month to help him raise money

Local reporters were able to locate the girl’s brother at the hosipital. He looked thin and weak with his body covered in black spots.


The doctor confirmed that the man’s body was breaking down as his fingernails were falling off, he could no longer shed any tears and he had developed a number of other diseases.


Officers explained to the girl that despite her good intentions what she had done was wrong. She said that she realized that, but didn’t know how else to help.

In China, many family members have faced the same situation. Without enough money to cover their loved one’s high medical costs, they are forced to resort to selling flowers, hugs and blow-up sex dolls to raise some cash.


But this is the first time we’ve seen someone desperate enough to sell their own body


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