Camping tips! Learn how to have a pleasant and memorable camping trips with your buddies.


Anyone here tried Camping? For those with experience i’m sure you would know what to do, or do you? Well, for those who have not tried before and is planning to go, then it’s your lucky day if you are reading this now!.

So, first things first, we decide on the location, and then plan the important things to bring along. If you have decide to camp in a forest or on top of a mountain, such as Gunung nuang.

Once you get to camp site, do scout the terrain a bit for any danger, such as ant hill or snake holes, you wouldn’t want to set up your camp on an Ant hill right?

So, here are some tips :

1. Power Food.


Pack up on those high energy food, such as power bars to replenish your energy and also do bring some salty food (you are going to sweat a lot in the beginning).


2. Dry fuel.


You need to set up fire. What’s camping without fire? To start fire, you have to get some fuel, the best would be logs and dead branches. Make sure you get the dried ones. 


3. Beers!.


Beers or any soda can need to be chill!. So, usually what would you do? Bring up an ice box? yea, that would do it, and that would increase the load too.
Well, just keep the cans in a mesh bad and hang it in a running stream. 


4. Safeguard your food.


Wild animals will ravage your food when you all are asleep, and leave you guys hungry the next morning. To avoid that, just hang your food in between two trees and hoist them up at least 12 feet up.


5. Tent location.


Well, the best location for your tent to be is on a higher ground. Why? Did you not study your science? High ground will give you warmer nighttime temperatures. Unless you can withstand the cold. 

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