BWM driver honks at horse on the road, horse kicks a dent in his car

bmw horse china

Malaysian drivers are usually known to beep their horns at pretty ladies, but in China, drivers are known to beep at just about anything.

On Tuesday, a driver in Nanchang made a terrible mistake of honking at a horse. According to Jiangnan Metropolis Daily, the horse was just walking down the sidewalk with its rider on its back and when they came across a corner crowded by cars, they were forced to the road. And this is when the impatient driver of a BMW honked incessantly at the slow-moving creature.

All that noise and commotion by the BMW driver startled the horse, causing it to bolt and kick back, making a nice-sized dent in the BMW.

bmw and horse

Police informed the driver that he was in the wrong as Nanchang traffic laws state that cars should avoid blocking pedestrians’ way and no honking is allowed as well.

horse china-compressed

Fortunately, the driver took full responsibility for the incident and went off to get the dent out of his car’s side panel himself with quite the story to tell.

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