Boeing made a drone killing laser that takes down target with an Xbox Controller

Boeing has been good with laser technology (Hel Md)- High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator and now is testing one that can take out UAVs and rockets regardless of where it’s installed 
Boeing recently ran a trial run of the new technology under some pretty unfavorable conditions (heavy rain, fog and wind) and guess what, it performs superbly. Boeing also said that it goals successfully engaged with some 150 different targets including drones and 60mm mortar shells with its 10 kilowatt laser.


The whole machine is powered by lithium ion batteries and the whole setup only requies a diesel backed up generator to keep the wheels moving. Meaning that this machine does not run of fuel and ammunition.
The best part of this whole new tech is that is does not need someone to be highly skilled to use. The whole system can be controlled by an Xbox controller and a laptop to do all its hits.

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