BEWARE: Snatch thieves in SS15 and SS18

Snatch thieves in SS15 and SS18-compressed
SUBANG JAYA: Three Indian men with parangs in SS15 and SS18 are prowling for potential victims in the area’s proximity.
What Happened? 

The incident had taken place on the Sunday Morning of May 15 at about 7.15am. Ching Lin was just right outside of her house when she was storing personal items into her dad’s car. What came after turned her hushed Sunday morning into a petrifying experience she’ll never forget.

Her Facebook post:

Facebook post

People who stay near SS15 until SS18 or the Subang Area. Please be careful. Today morning 7.15am, 3 Indian Guy ( A Driver and 2 Guy) driving a MYVI Dark Grayish Blue, come down with a parang on their hands, trying to snatch my stuff.

I was alone just outside my house with my dad’s car putting stuff, and they just emergency stop and park right beside my dad car and start to snatch the stuff. They strangled my neck to not letting me go away and they took my phone.

I screamed so hard and they started to push my down the road and say” If I scream..” then they hold up their Parang.

They also plan to take away my dad’s car key but failed becase that time my parents rush outside and successfully snatched back the car key.

The 3 Indian Guy runs away. So when I went to the SS17 Police station and make a report, another 2 female came in and make a report. Apparently it also the same case, but they are in SS18.

Means that those snatch thiefs will patrol around the area to search for victims.
Even though SS18 is full of people as they wanted to go for their Aeriobic Dancing, they will still snatch your stuff.

They will come from your back when you are unaware of the situation. They will take whatever they found, car keys, house keys, handbag, phones, wallet, cards.

Please be aware of the surrounding and take extra care of your belonging. Especially the ladies outside, please be careful when you trying to walk alone. Please do spread the news. If you heard of the same case happens on your neighbourhood please report to the police and help the investigation.

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