Awkward Things All Malaysian Uni/College Students in Malaysia Does


1. Having a near meltdown because the printer in the uni/college don’t work

2. Finding your personal hangover cure


3. Feeling under qualified

4. Feeling overqualified

5. Taking a nap in the university/college’s library

College Students Sleep


6. Adjusting your margins


7. Figuring out the lowest possible grade you need to pass instead of studying

8. Stare at girls at the hallway


9. Having a crush on a girl or guy from a different course that you know and your friends know that you are never gonna get anywhere with it


10. Asking friend’s advice/help for assignments

11. Copying friend’s assignment from head to toe

12. Get plagiarised


13. Stalking another girl/guy’s facebook

14. Hookup with different people from different courses

15. Ignore your random hookup


16. Finding a perfect smoking spot

17. Having sexual fantasies of a course mate


18. Having sexual fantasies of a lecturer


19. Asking classmate to fake attendance?

20. Trying to stay awake for lectures

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