Attention To All Malaysian Men. Knowing These Will Save You From A Lot Of Trouble

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1. Keeping your fingernails neat and trimmed is a sign of sexual intelligence 


2. Boxer-briefs are better than boxers and briefs

3. Don’t go to the grocery store hungry

4. She isn’t always right. She will appreciate you standing up for yourself

5. Keep a sweater in your car. Your wife/girlfriend/date will be cold at some point in time 

6. The majority of the time, a women doesn’t want you to solve her problems when venting to you. Rather she just wants you to listen to said problems/issue


7. Putting/Using Rogaine on your face every day for a month will not make your beard grow better/thicker. It will just give you horrible acne

8. When shaving your Adam’s apple, in order to not cut yourself swallow and hold to make it ‘flatter’


9. Treat women like people


10. And if you’re looking to date the woman you’re talking to.. Rilaks lah bro! You got to keep your cool in front of the ladies! Get a nice cold refreshing drink before going up to her. A girl needs to feel that her man is confident!”

See for yourself:

11. You have to wash everywhere. Including places where the sun doesn’t shine

12. Compliment a woman on her shoes. It does wonders

13. Keep RM40 hidden in your wallet. This is for emergencies only. Not I-need-to-buy-beer emergencies, but I-need-to-get-home emergencies

14. You don’t have to get married, even though it seems like that is all everyone is talking about


15. You seriously need to keep your cool, gay men do not automatically fancy you, just because they are gay

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