Armaggeddon Aquila X5 Gaming Mouse Review

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History of Armaggeddon

Life’s too short to waste on bad gaming equipment. At Armaggeddon, our gamer-developers value the ultimate experience above all else. Armed with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound headphones, super-slick gaming gear and monstrously cool PC chassis and components, it’s a lifestyle reserved for the most hardcore of gamers. Think you’re living on the edge? We’ll make you think again, because We Live In Your Game.

Introduction to the Armaggeddon Aquila X5 Gaming Mouse:

Aquila with user manual

The Key Feature of the Armaggeddon Aquila X5 Gaming Mouse


– Software enhanced sensitive up to 4000DPI

– Rubberized cracked surface for maximum grip

– 2-way click Macroable scroll

– 4-level CPI Switch on-the-fly (Default: 500/1000/1500/2000 CPI)

– Colour indication for CPI (Comet Red, Cosmic Blue, Alien Green, Flaming Fuschia)

– Save up to 35 macros (7 Macros with 5 profiles)

– Additional set of Teflon feet provided

Aquila X5 1

Technician Specification:

  • Advanced Optical sensor: A3050
  • Acceleration: 20G
  • DPI: Adjustable to 4000DPI (Default: 500/1000/1500/2000)
  • 7 Macro-able™ Optical Gaming Mouse with 128KB on-board memory
  • CPI switching on-the-fly [Default]: 500/1000/1500/2000CPI
  • Software CPI setting: as low as 500CPI up to 4000CPI
  • Adjustable polling rate(/second): 125Hz/250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz
  • Frame rate: 6600fps
  • Advanced Optical sensor: A3050Adjustable mouse light effects and up to 4 colour options
  • Total 7 Buttons with 2-Way Click scroll [save up to 7 macros in 5 available profile]
  • High performance tracking speed: up to 160 inches per second.

Multi Language Specification:

  • Resolution range: 800 ~ 4000CPI
  • 7-button with 2 way click scroll
  • On-board memory: 128KB
  • Cord length: 1.8m

Mouse Size:

  • 130(L) X 68.12(W) X 43(H)mm

Aquila X5


When we first got our hands on the Armaggeddon Aquila X5 Gaming Mouse, we tried in on a few games. We tried it on Dota 2, Battlefield 3 and also on Diablo 3. It really feels comfortable when playing those games with this mouse. I never really had any complains when gaming with this mouse. The mouse fits just nice on my palm. For those of you who has big palms, the Armaggeddon Aquila X5 is the gaming mouse for you.

Compared to the Ozone Gaming Mouse we received 3 weeks back, this mouse beats the Ozone Xenon mouse any day any time in terms of comfort wise and the size of the mouse.

The Aquila X5 also have excellent precision when gaming. It has a button in the middle that toggles the DPI/CPI settings during a game. It has a + and – button where you can change the DPI or CPI according to the configurations that you want. The default CPI is 500/1000/1500/2000. When you change the CPI setting, the colour of the mouse changes. There are 4 colours which are Comet Red, Cosmic Blue, Alien Green, and Flaming Fuschia.

The usable DPI range with perfect percision for gaming is right up to around 3000 to 3500 DPI for any average gamers. The tracking on the Aquila X5 is rock steady as it does not lose it’s precision as it is twigged to the max DPI setting which is 4000.

The Aquila X5 has 7 buttons. The standard buttons, the left click, right click and the middle click button with scroll. It also has 2 buttons at the side and a button in the middle where you can change the CPI settings. All these buttons are customizable to any setting you want.

The Software:

The installation of the mouse is pretty straight forward. Just place the CD that is given inside your CD or DVD Rom and just click install. After installing the mouse, a screen will pop out allowing you to customize your mouse to your liking. 

We found that the software in the Aquila X5 is really complete compared to the gaming mouse we received from Ozone (Ozone Xenon). There were many things to customize.

Aquila x5 software 1

For instance, you can customize all 7 buttons of the Aquila X5. There are also 5 different profiles that you can save your configurations on. Even the CPI/DPI speed is also customizable. You can even change the colours for each custom CPI/DPI you want. Whereas the Ozone Xenon is pre-set to 1 colour for each CPI/DPI. 

Aquila X5 software 2

You can even change the light intensity of the mouse and even changing the light pulsation of the Aquila X5. It feels more complete having this mouse as there are many things to configure to your own liking. 

Under the Advanced Settings of the software, it allows you to tune the scroll speed and also t he double click speed. You can even change the polling rate (125/250/500/1000) from the software of the mouse.

Aquila x5 software 3


The Good

– Very precise even at max CPI/DPI (4000)

– Feels really good when holding the mouse (comfortable)

– Good quality build

– Software is complete with many things to re-configure the mouse to your own liking

– Cool Design

– Budget Mouse (RM99 to RM109)

The Bad 

– Well I guess that’s it. I cant think of any 

As we can see, the Armaggeddon Aquila X5 Gaming Mouse is possibly the best mouse that money can buy. It makes gaming more precise. For FPS gamers, you would enjoy this mouse as it offers many customizations for the price. This mouse is priced at RM99 (market price) / RM109 (retail price) in Malaysia. 

With the price range between RM99 to RM109, there are many other mouse that are within this range and I think that the Aquila X5 would be the best mouse to get within those range as they offer alot of things for the price range. 

The Aquila X5 mouse is now in stores at your local PC outlets. You can start getting them now as it was only released a month back. For it’s price, it is an affordable gaming mouse that performs really well for gamers. If you in for a budget mouse, i recommend you to get this mouse. 

For now I can’t think of any bad sides of the mouse as it works perfectly well for me. If there is any fault or any bugs with the mouse I will keep you guys updated. For now, go get yourself an Aquila X5 and enjoy playing games with it. 

Written by Kesavan

Co-Founder of FM (FunnyMalaysia.Net), one of the leading media company in Malaysia for the social age, intensely focused on delivering high quality original reporting, insights and viral contents.