Apple Watch to be priced between RM1,170 and RM16,720 in Malaysia!?

apple watch malaysia
Smartwatches that are going on sale in our market these days are priced pretty reasonable, however, we are not sure if we could say the same about the upcoming Apple Watch. 
According to a well known French tech website (, the soon to be launched Apple Watch will be priced from US$349 to US$5,000. If converted to Malaysian Ringgit, that would be from RM1170 to RM16,720!
9to5Mac has pointed out that has previously reported accurately regarding the launching of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus before the official unveiling. In other words, this new report regarding the Apple Watch could be true. also added that the Apple Watch Sport will be the cheapest among its range which will be priced at US$349 or RM1,170. The stainless steel variants will be priced around US$500 or RM1,672. The most expensive/luxurious one (the 18-karat gold or rose gold) is said to be priced at US$4,000 – US$5,000 which is RM13,380 – RM16,720.

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