An idiot yelled ‘BOMB!’ inside Penang Airport

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Of all the things you should never say while inside an airport in the 21st Century if you don’t want to be shot in the head or tackled to the ground, the word ‘bomb’ would be on top of the list. So, why did this happen?

The New Straits Times Online‘s Predeep Nambiar reports that a 32-year old woman was detained at Penang International Airport for yelling out ‘bomb!’ near the bag scanning counter, no doubt alarming everyone around her and raising the airport’s security threat level immediately.

The woman was waiting to board a flight from Penang to Jakarta which was scheduled to take off at 9am today.

Police officers at the airport were scrambled to the scene once word reached them of the incident, after which the woman was taken under arrest and brought in for questioning.

Southwest district police chief Supt Lai Fah Hin said the woman has since been released from custody, after deputy public prosecutors issued her “a stern warning”.

Let’s all make a deal with each other: try not to be an idiot at international airports. That sort of thing tends to ruin everyone’s day.

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