Ampang Jaya Municipal Council uses a fake fluffy tiger to scare away monkeys

fake tiger taman tar
A NEW species of wildlife that appeared at the edge of a forest, of a popular jogging area in Ampang, is angering residents and joggers.
The creatures take after the Panthera tigris whose natural home is in the jungles of Malaysia except it has synthetic fluffy fur, cotton innards and plastic eyes.It took the monkeys in the area less than a week to realise that their new neighbour does not need sustenance and was no threat to them.
The monkeys were not fooled by the soft toy tigers and were soon back on the streets and lurking around the houses, up to mischief.
This kind of behaviour was what the local council had hoped to put an end to with their toy tigers. The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) also erected a length of fence near the usual feeding spot to prevent wild boars from coming into the area.While some found the tactic of placing soft toys to scare the monkeys amusing, others did not find it so funny.
The problem of wildlife trying to fit in at the Taman Tun Abdul Razak (Taman TAR), an upscale residential area nestled at the edge of a forest, has been ongoing for years. More than 20 years ago, only a few monkeys could be seen close to the jogging path but after people started constantly feeding them, more began to appear.
The abundance of food eventually attracted wild boars in the last few years.

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