Americans Love Naming Their Baby Girls ‘Malaysia’


Many American parents are naming their baby girls ‘Malaysia’ compared to other country names.

According ot the Expat Go website, about 630 girls were known as Malaysia, followed by Kenya (462 girls and 10 boys), America (346 girls), India (255 girls), Ireland (252 girls), Holland (206 girls and 44 boys), Egypt (163 girls and 36 boys), Italy (86 girls), Great Britain (31 boys and 27 girls) and China (44 girls).


Data from the US social security administration showed that the 630 babies named ‘Malaysia’ were registered in 2013 alone, 570 in 2012 and 964 in 2011.

Malaysia was also the most popular country name for their baby girls as it has been widely trending over the last three years.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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