American man shares contact information of almost 100 Singaporean girls he slept with – Beware Malaysian Girls

A Singaporean who is working in California recently found out that an American man have been sharing Singaporean girls contact number and name on Craigslist (online classifieds/discussion forums).
Below is his full post which was found on Craigslist:
Dear Singapore,
Thank you for giving me a great 4 years. I’ve enjoyed the local food and excellent nightlife and all the perks given to me by my multinational employer during that time. I think I have sown enough wild oats with a variety of lovely women I met through craigslist, bars, parties and local dating sites to last me a lifetime. I turn 40 in July and I must return to my home country next month to marry my childhood sweetheart so I bid you a fond farewell.
During these 4 years, I’ve bedded 65 Chinese women, 13 Malay ladies, 5 Indians and 9 Eurasian girls….All very friendly and wonderful sex partners. About 70% were single, the rest married. The one thing common among all of them is that they love sex and other than half a dozen of them, seems to only want to be f***ed by Caucasians (at least that’s the impression I got from our conversation).
I would not say these women were easy but they were quite amenable, given the right approach. Therefore I feel it would be a real waste too just leave and not share their pleasures with some of you who seek the same enjoyment that would make your stay in Singapore just as memorable. I have compiled a list of their names and numbers but it would be up to each one of you to work your own magic to get  into their pants..just  don’t say I gave them to you..Good Luck!
Here are  the list of women and their contact number:
FunnyMalaysia.NET has decided to censor the names and phone numbers of these women in order to protect their identity.
So Malaysian girls, do beware with the guys you are gonna sleep with..

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