Alvin Tan calls Chinese in Malaysia “Traitors Without Maruah”

Sex blogger Alvin Tan called the Chinese in Malaysia “traitors without maruah (dignity)” for coming to the defence of Muslim women who wore headscarfs after he posted harsh insults on Facebook about the matter. 

Alvin Tan

“I can understand Malays getting angry over my comments on hijab-wearing Muslim women.
“What I don’t understand and cannot tolerate are those Chinese RUNNING DOGS, BOOTLICKERS, BROWN-NOSERS, and PSEUDO-HEROES who just have to comment in defence of the Malays…,” he wrote after being told off by many.
“Get off your f*****g moral high horse, okay? You’re no better than a lapdog, where is your MARUAH?”
“The Malays have discriminated against you for decades, and you still suck up to them.
“I can say categorically you deserve 100% of the institutional, economic, and social discrimination/racism you face in Malaysia,” he said, calling them “shameless running dogs”.
This Facebook posting followed a previous one in which he harshly criticised Muslim women for wearing the headscarf and long-sleeved garments that covered their aurat during sporting activities and while exercising despite the blistering weather.

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