All New Sennheiser Momentum Headphones now for sale in Msia, Price and Details

all new sennheiser momentum malaysia

Previously, Sennheiser launched the similar Momentum headphones last year and it doesn’t seem to make anyone surprised. However, this new piece of art released and launched recently this year gets a more overwhelming response.

It looks much more classy with a stainless steel headband and it comes with Alcantara (suede material that is widely used in automotive industry) instead of the same old leather ear pads. On the other side, the foams which are placed very nicely on it’s ear pads are much more comfortable and it is easier to adjust due to the stainless steel headband.

2013 sennheiser momentum headphones price malaysia 

Price of the Sennheiser Momentum in Msia (2013)

ModelMarket Price
Momentum 2013RM809

The headphones also gets a detachable cable that lets you take control on the volume and it has a microphone built in it as well. To top it all of, this little gadget here looks very very premium indeed.

Color Options

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Ivory