All new Moto 360 is now for sale

moto 360 malaysia
Moto 360 seems like the only smartwatch that kept many tech enthusiast waiting. It is classy in every way and it is also has the best looking design for now.

Well now that its here, let’s go through the specifications once again. The Moto 360 will be running on Android Wear that powers a 320 X 290 display. Underneath is fitted with a 4GB internal storage, 512MB of RAM and a 320mAh battery. The best part is that you can charge the device wirelessly as it comes with a charging dock that simply allows you to magnetically snap the 360¬†into place.

There are two versions, one comes with a leather strap and the other one comes with a solid stainless steel. At the moment both a priced at RM799 (US$249) and RM959 (US$299.99) respectively. On the other hand, you can also change your straps from either to leather strap to stainless steel or the other way round and that’s because Motorola allows you to purchase the straps alone separately. The leather strap will be priced at RM99 (US$29.99) and the stainless steel strap will be priced at RM259 (US$79.99).

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