All new Android 4.4 by Google is now called KitKat (Nestle)

android kitkat 4.4

That’s right! Interesting yet a little weird but it’s Google! So we know they are making the right move here. But the question here is why did Google choose Nestle’s KitKat?

We don’t really know how to answer you guys that question but there are few things we know. There isn’t any money exchange for this whole idea which is according to the director of Android global partnership, John Lagerling. On the other side, this project was started a year back and both giant companies kept it a secret until today as it was announced officially. 

the all new android

However, the main reason of this whole setup was to celebrate the achievement of over 1 Billion Android activation on devices. As you can see above, the new Android 4.4 is no longer in green. It’s now covered in chocolate with a body of the KitKat bars which in someways makes you crave for a bite.