African businessman found dead as he was raped by 5 wives of his

man got raped

Daily Mail reported a man from Nigeria who is a businessman was found dead in his home and based on the claim by two of his wife, he was raped by 5 out of 6 wives.

The Story

Before the incident took place, Uroko Onoja (the businessman) was partying with his friends in a bar located in Ugbugbu till early morning. After partying, he head back home to all of his 6 wives and decided to have sexual intercourse with his youngest wife.

Unfortunately, his five other wives got jealous and break into his master bedroom and all of them were armed with knives and sticks. They began attacking Uroko by forcing him to have sexual intercourse with them as well. With no choice, he had it with four of them at the same time and when the 5th wife approaches to join, he stopped breathing and died on the spot.

Five of them who was responsible then ran into the woods to escape. The good news is two of them were caught and charged with murder and rape. Police are still on the lookout for the rest.

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