Actress Fasha Stalked by Ex-Husband

Image Credit: TheStarOnline

Actress Fasha Sanda has lodged a police report against her ex-husband Rizal Ashram Ramli for alleged harassment, intrusion and stalking, reported Kosmo!

Fasha, a single mother with two children, lodged a report at the Ampang Jaya district police station against Rizal, who is known as Jejai, on Monday.

The report was filed after 32-year-old Fasha whose full name is Nur Fasha Sandha Hassan could no longer tolerate the alleged harassment by her former husband according to the source.

The source said Jejai often entered her house without permission. Even after divorcing, Rizal still stalked Fasha’s movements.

Their union ended after Rizal pronounced the talak satu (divorce pronouncement) at the Syariah High Court on Jan 20.

The couple married on April 27, 2012, and have two children together, two-year-old Putra Rayfal and Putri Raysha Jemyma, aged one.

When contacted, Fasha refused to comment.

“I am sorry, I am not allowed to give any comments at the moment based on my lawyer’s instructions. All the matters are left to my lawyers and the police. I am currently busy filming the drama series Lara Aishah,” she said via Whatsapp.

Attempts to reach Rizal were also futile.