According to Najib, The Cheapest Perodua Model will be launched in 2014

perodua malaysia

Interesting to see both our national automakers competing to be the best in both worlds. First the Proton Saga SV dropped us a shock and now our own Prime Minister announced a new unknown so called “cheapest” model which will be for sale in Msia in 2014.

According to Najib, Perodua had invest a whopping RM1.3 Billion to establish a brand new factory specially for this new upcoming model. He also added that the plant will be ready in October 2014 which is next year. 

This huge step by the company is taken to ensure more Perodua cars to be exported in the coming years. As for now, an estimation of 10,000 units a year is being exported to our “neighbors” including Thailand and Indonesia. 

On the other side, Perodua Malaysia is also focusing on the niche market in Msia whereby to produce good quality compact cars which are affordable for buyers end and manufactures(reducing cost) as well.

The question here is how cheap is the cheapest?