A woman from Kelantan got shot 5 times and she is alive

nurul atikah

A 22 year old from Kota Baru, Kelantan had survive five gun shots by two unknown gunman at a traffic light junction near Chabang Empat, Binjai.

Nurul Atikah Idris 22, the victim, was on her way to Kubang Kerian from Bachok when out of nowhere 2 men from 2 separate motorcycles approached her vehicle and start firing the shots. The shots went through her car windscreen and the pieces of glass cut the victim’s nose, cheeks, right arm and hands. 

nurul atikah

Passers by came to rescue when they witness the incident. Nurul Atikah said that she din’t realize that it was gunshots until the witness told her about it. 

She was first brought to the nearest police station at 6.40PM to lodge a police report before heading for treatment at University Sains Malaysia Hospital. According to the State Deputy Police, SAC Datuk Mazlan Lazim, there were four men involved in this incident and among them, two fired the shots. He also added that Nurul Atikah Idris could be a victim of mistaken identity or in other words, wrong target.

The police team have launch Ops Tutup since this incident that took place on Friday (11 October 2013) and it is currently being investigated under Section 307 of the Panel Code for attempted murder.

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